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Web Analytics

The internet has revolutionized the ways in which we can understand consumer behavior. Using powerful Web analytics tools, businesses can keep their fingers on the pulse at all times, with the ability to measure almost any aspect of user’s behavior both on websites and apps, as well as real-time progress of offline business goals. We also conduct and implement multi-variant testing, which allows us to experiment with different versions of layouts to understand how and why users react to these differences. Harnessing the value of Web analytics and what it has to offer your business is highly important; we empower businesses by teaching them what to look for and how to look for it.


    Also called ‘retargeting’, remarketing is a popular and effective online marketing technique that allows businesses to reach out to previous visitors to their sites; encouraging them to return and complete an action. We offer Remarketing services, particularly as a follow-on from Web Analytics, to businesses wishing to make the most of what online marketing has to offer. We analyze your requirements and, using cookies, implement what we believe to be the most suitable remarketing strategies – as always, in line with industry best practice and fully POPI-compliant.

      AdWord Campaigns

      AdWords are a form of Paid Search advertising, as opposed to ‘organic’ (e.g. SEO). Using AdWords, businesses can harness Google and it’s enormous expanded online network to get customers’ – and potential customers’ – attention. We offer AdWords Campaign Management, which includes everything from setup to reporting. The Spratt Consulting team has a thorough understanding of Search Advertising and is armed with significant experience. Everything is tailored to the client’s specific requirements – from budget to target demographic and frequency of reporting – we manage this highly effective marketing channel on the client’s behalf, so that they can focus instead on delivering excellent products and services.

        Mobile Applications
        • - Responsive websites - Native Apps - Augmented reality - Mobile payment gateways - USSD - Mobi-sites A thorough requirements gathering beforehand allows us to make recommendations on which form of mobile application would best suit your requirements The past few years has seen fast-paced, exciting developments in the mobile application space. Gone are the days of building for one application at a time – we believe in building once and deploying to all. We are equipped and experienced to fulfill your business’s mobile development requirements, from feature phone to tablet
        Front End Engineering
        • - CSS3 - HTML5 - JavaScript - C++ - PHP - Pixel-perfect Responsive websites - WordPress, Magento, Shopify, CMSs etc Be it a facelift of your existing website or a new build from scratch, we can supply you with a solution that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. Websites have fast become consumers’ first point of call when seeking products and services offered by businesses like yours. The look and feel of your website has subsequently become a delicate art. Our development team stays ahead of the curve in front-end website development. Always on trend, our team has a wealth of experience
        User Research
        • - Surveys & Interviews - User and Stakeholder Identification - Analytics & Research - Definition of the Product Use Context - Persona definition - User-testing Understanding the end-user is of utmost importance when building a successful solution. User Research is then the first phase of such a project, and allows us to design and build user-centric solutions that are highly user-friendly, intuitive to use and facilitate both the user and the business in achieving their goals. From a broad range of tools and techniques, we choose what we believe to be the most conducive for each individual project
        User Experience Design

        User Experience Design centres the design of a digital interface around the experience of the end-user. A process of many processes, UX Design incorporates information architecture, design practices and principles, research, testing and prototyping – to altogether balance the objectives of both users and stakeholders in a mutually-beneficial state. Most experienced internet users will inherently know good UX design from poor – or non-existent UX design. As the demand for digital products and services increases, good UX Design becomes exponentially more important for businesses wishing to be successful. We offer UX Design as a service, be it for new digital interfaces, or for existing ones in need of enhancements.

          Information Architecture
          • - Sitemaps & Indexing - Split Testing (A/B Testing) - Prototyping - Card Sorting, Tree Testing & Click Testing & Eye Tracking Content Inventories Echoing the priorities of User Experience Design, in order for the digital offering to be effective, the information has to be structured and arranged so as to be easily navigable and easy to use for the end user. Increased awareness of this requirement has spawned a variety of tools and techniques, which we employ in providing this service to our clients, including
          Social Media

          We offer a social media content-curating service to our clients. As a follow-on from content strategy, Spratt Consulting draw up a social media content calendar outlining what you’d like to share with your various audiences, when and how. We curate your social media properties on your company’s behalf, which includes posting, replying and management of enquiries, requests and complaints through these channels. For several of our eCommerce clients, this social media content is engineered to correspond with their product promotions – a highly effective method of creating brand awareness and increasing sales.

            Email Marketing

            Before social media marketing there was email marketing, and – despite what some may think – it will be around for a while! One of the services we offer is the setup and implementation of email marketing. The virtues of email as a tool for marketing aside, it is also a valuable tool for communicating with your company’s consumers at large. Our tool of social media strategists, graphic designers and copywriters work together to compile and implement email marketing campaigns that echo the unique voice and personality of your business. Compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act and striving always to align with best practice, we also integrate email marketing with your business’s other online properties, lending itself to more thorough web analytics and comprehensive reporting.

              SEO Services

              The strength of any website lies in customers’ ability to find it. SEO, for those who might not know it, stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Our SEO Services enhance the organic ‘findability’ of your site and improve your rankings and overall visibility. We adhere always to industry best practice and leave no stone unturned. Optimizing your web properties in this way not only guarantees better rankings in search results, but is also highly likely to increase traffic to your websites, hike conversion rates and goal-completions and improve the end-user experience overall. Search Engine Optimization boosts online prominence and makes it easier to find for those in search of your products or services. SEO is recommended for all online properties, from businesses and online stores to blogs, community platforms and beyond.

                • - Websites - Email newsletters - Emails - Surveys - Social media - Promotional Material etc. For digital copy that makes itself heard, that is amendable and adaptable around the clock, do not hesitate to get in touch. Persuasive, informative and succinct – three words that describe great digital copy. Copywriting for digital is fast becoming an art form, with a massive influx of businesses moving online and vying for attention, creating a crowded, noisy online space. A common mistake that many businesses make when communicating through online mediums is using the same iteration of copy across all channels. Offering copywriting as a service, we start by developing a clear understanding of your business – its offering, objectives and its customers. Coupling this with our knowledge and experience with the various mediums available, we compose and tailor copy to suit the various channels through which its consumption is intended. Written for purpose, some of the channels we frequently write copy for include
                Website Maintenance
                • - Optimising copy - User-Experience enhancements - Online store management - General ‘hygiene’ enhancements & best practice recommendations - Optimising information architecture - Back-end updates, management & maintenance Be it ad-hoc or on an ongoing basis, we take care of your website’s performance so that you don’t have to. As one of the first, leading touch-points that customers and potential customers have with your business, your website is extremely important. With time, consumers have come to expect more from websites. They know just what they are looking for, and should be able to find it as easily as possible. Purpose-built websites and apps are just one of our specialties. For those websites we haven’t directly had a hand in creating, we offer enhancement and maintenance services to ensure that it is adding as much value as possible to your business. This includes
                Corporate ID Design
                • - Infographics – interactive or static - Promotional website banners and sliders - Corresponding promotional newsletter and social media content - Corporate imagery & branding - Screen mockups etc. As opposed to out-sourcing this service above and beyond the costs of the other services we provide, an in-house team means faster output with lower costs from a team with an existing understanding of your needs and objectives. Our in-house team is experienced and highly capable of fulfilling the unique graphic design needs of our clients. Proficient using a multitude of industry-standard tools, our team focuses on creating attractive, effective, purpose-built graphical content that echoes the tone and voice of each individual client. For digital marketing activities and for website development and maintenance, some of the graphic design content we provide includes
                Web Development Corporate Website
                • Real Estate Entertainment eCommerce/Retail Insurance Training Agencies Be it a new build from scratch, a project rescue or even a simple face-lift, our team are ready and capable to discern and fulfill your requirements. Our team’s highly technical background and years of experience have allowed us to rack up a varied portfolio of web development projects. From custom CRM solutions to eCommerce engines – bespoke, big or small – we’ve done it all. With an emphasis on efficacy and industry best practice, we’ve helped pave the way for several businesses to flourish online. Some of our recent web development projects served clients in the following industries

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