Just go to any of the hosting sites and search for the domain you are looking for your site. Once you enter domain name it gives you all its related TLDs and cc TLDs and shows you whether or not they are available. The best way is to purchase, as mentioned on the other page, the one with .com suffix. If not available then go on and add some more items, but remember the starter the domain the better. You better go for English grammar corner if English grammar is not available. Avoid going for hyphenated domains or the ones with misspellings like for 4 for etc
It is mainly on account the fact that easiest the domain the worth remembering it appears to be. Pick such which gives easy look to remember and write, as hyphenated domains are not easy to write. Google looks your site with users eyes so must you. Make your user your foremost priority which starts right from the picking of the name of the site.
Domain search platforms
Go to the Google search for hosting and open those sites to see the domain availability. You better go to .com, one of the famous sources. Once you opened the sites look for your domain whether it is available or not. Upon availability, you have just to pay with your credit or debit card and it’s done.
Once you have selected the domain just pay either with credit or debit card. You will be given an account for one year or up to the time it is registered, renewable on every year or else on every completion of time for which it is purchased.
Domain issues
Remember there are two types of domains; new and old which have been either sold or given up by the owner. In the later case you have to investigate the domain history for there may be serious violations of Google terms in it. Upon that it is always advisable to go for the new domain one which has never been picked or used

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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